Cookie statement

All platforms of the KNHB use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are created by a website and are linked to your PC, tablet or mobile phone. They are used to improve the functioning of the platform as well as to monitor web traffic in order to determine the number of people who have viewed the website within a certain time period.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable all KNHB platforms to provide enhanced functionality and personalisation and cannot be switched off. These cookies are used, for example, for passing information from one page to the next, remembering the contents of a shopping cart, or logging in. Or storing preferences, such as the language, location or the number of search results to be displayed.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are necessary in order to count visits and to gain analytical insights into the functioning of all KNHB platforms and their visitor behaviour. With these cookies we are able to develop the structure, navigation and content of all the platforms to be as user friendly as possible. The information collected by these cookies cannot be traced back to the identity of individuals.

Social media

These cookies are set by a range of social media services that we have added on all KNHB platforms to enable you to watch embedded content or share our content with your friends and networks. They are capable of tracking your browser across other sites and building up a profile of your interests. This may impact the content and messages you see on other websites you visit. For more information about cookies of social media parties we refer to the statements posted on their websites, you can find the links below. Please note that these statements can change regularly. The KNHB has no influence on this.



Advertising cookies make sure we can show you different advertising on all KNHB platforms. Advertising placed by us or third parties is a source of income we co-finance our activities with. In order to make advertisements as relevant as possible, previously collected information can be used, for example information about your internet behaviour.

Personal content and offers

Personal cookies help us to be able to provide you with personal and relevant content and/or ads. Our goal is to provide visitors of the platform with information that is as relevant as possible to them. Which is why we do our best to tailor our platform for every visitor as much as we can. We do this through the content on our website, as well as through the advertisements that are shown. The information collected can also be used to tailor the content and and/or advertisements on other KNHB platforms.

Cookie overview

Google Analytics: cookies are placed to get a better understanding of the visitor behaviour on our website. This is used to improve the user experience of the website.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords is a service from Google that makes it possible to display ads alongside the search results of the Google search engine.

Google Doubleclick: This cookie is placed to be able to measure clicks and requests so as to optimize our advertising campaigns.

Google Adwords Retargeting: this cookie is placed to measure clicks and requests to optimize our advertising campaigns. This cookie also allows us to reach visitors who have visited certain pages on our website via third party advertisement sites.

Facebook: the Facebook pixel sees which pages are viewed. Relevant advertisements can then be shown on Facebook.

Advertisers’ cookies:

  • Measure the number of times you have seen the ad
  • Measure the number of times the ad is clicked
  • Remember that you have seen the ad in order to not repeat it to you constantly

If these cookies are not placed, you will still see advertisements, only these will not be tailored to your search behaviour. We have no influence on advertiser cookies and therefore refer you to the cookie statements of these parties on their websites.

Management of cookies

You can always delete already placed cookies via your browser settings, where you can also set the conditions under which cookies may be placed. How this can be done varies per browser. More information about adjusting your cookie settings in your browser can be found via the help function of your browser. Without cookies, some functionalities of the platform may not work properly or not at all.

It is possible that we adjust these statements, for example in response to a change in the regulations regarding cookies. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the content of our statements and the cookies that are listed at all times and without warning in advance.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us at