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How do I order tickets?

You can book e-tickets via the website, after which the tickets will be sent to you by e-mail.

How do I make the payment for the tickets?

The Eventim system accepts payments by iDeal and by credit card.

Are tickets personalized?

Although the name of the buyer is visible on the tickets, this is not relevant to the visitors that use the tickets. Names will not be checked when entering the venue.

Can I leave the club and come back later in the day?

Yes, you can leave the club. But when you return you need to scan your regular ticket again.

I am having trouble with my reservation or payment through Eventim. What should I do?

You can get in touch with the Eventim Customer Contact Center via 0900-1353 (€0.45 per minute).

I have bought tickets but I can’t come after all. Can I return them?

No. Tickets cannot be returned to either the KNHB or Eventim. Nor can they be sold to someone else.

Can I buy tickets anywhere else?

Eventim is the only official ticket supplier. You may come across tickets being sold elsewhere for higher prices. The KNHB takes no responsibility for this.

How do I get access to the club?

Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance, then you can enter the event site. Please note that there will be a baggage check for safety purposes after your ticket is scanned.

Can I buy tickets for a group?

Yes, there is a special group offer. If you want to order tickets for 10 persons or more, please send an e-mail with your request to groepen@eventim.nl


Where can I park?

Information about parking will follow soon.

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